Natural deodorant or any other deodorant is an indispensable part of every person’s toiletry bag. When we go shopping for it, the selection is vast; from sticks to sprays and roll-ons, sporting more fragrances than a perfume shop. But what is really important is to choose a product which ensures two things: effectiveness and safety.

Deodorant vs. Antiperspirant

Natural deodorants are gaining popularity. Let us take a look at the many reasons why! Most people don’t know that there are two different types of products to prevent smelly armpits, and they differ according to how they get the job done.Natural deo

Antiperspirant blocks perspiration, which means that it prevents your body from producing sweating. Sure, you might feel all snug being able to lift your hands without the fear of sweaty armpits, but you have to remember the role sweating has. It is our body’s way of cooling off and getting rid of harmful toxic stuff that accumulates in your body.

It even helps fight acne by opening skin pores and washing away the build-up that would have resulted in breakouts. Sweating is completely normal, has an important biological function and should thus not be prevented.

Sweating itself does not cause body odour because sweat is odourless. We only start smelling because of the bacteria on our skin. Our natural skin flora (countless bacteria that call our skin home) feeds on our sweat, and the waste products of their feast generate the unpleasant smell. One of the bacteria that produce body odour also boosts our immune system, providing  protection against infections.

And this is where deodorant comes into play. It allows our body’s normal perspiration function, but acts antibacterial, killing the bacteria, preventing them from turning your sweat into stink.

Why should you choose natural deodorant with ecological ingredients?

Natural and ecological have a slightly different meaning, but they both mean the same thing – that you’ve chosen a product which benefits you and your environment.

Look for certificates

To be sure you’ve picked truly  ecological and natural deodorant, look for certificates. They ensure that the product has met strict standards in regard to production, processing, packaging, and more. Certified natural and ecological cosmetic products contain no potentially harmful substances, there was no animal testing involved, no ionizing radiation, synthetic colours and fragrances, or GMOs. Only the best that nature has to offer!

While we get increasingly more aware of the importance of what we consume and put on our skin, there is one other thing we sometimes put first: effectiveness. Natural ingredients

Nothing will make you buy a deodorant that doesn’t work. When weighing the pros and cons of natural deodorants, people are often dissuaded from buying because of negative experiences. They’ve tried one, or several, and they didn’t work. Why should others be any different?

Yes, some natural deodorants don’t work, and that depends on the ingredients they select, and also on your own body. Bye Herbs deodorant is different because it contains only the ingredients with proven antibacterial effect. Over 100 customers have already tried it and confirmed: yes, it works.

So what does Bye Herbs eco deodorant contain?

Bye Herbs deodorant is a creamy mixture of carefully selected ingredients, wonderfully scented with only natural essential oils. Let’s break down each of the ingredients. There are only 7 of them!

7 most important natural ingredients in natural deo

  • Coconut butter is a deliciously smelling foundation with disinfectant and antibacterial properties. It also ensures creamy texture, hydrates your skin, and makes the product more easily spreadable.
  • Bicarbonate soda has two jobs – keeps your skin dry by absorbing moisture, and counteracts bacteria.
  • Corn starch is another absorbent to soak up that sweat and keeps your armpits dry and comfortable throughout the day.
  • Shea butter is a great skincare ingredient, giving it a long-lasting feeling of being well-fed and hydrated.
  • Lemon essential oil provides fresh scent, contains antimicrobial compounds, and it nourishes your skin.
  • Sage essential oil has a strong antibacterial effect, which prevents the spread of odour-causing bacteria, while its scent calms your nerves and relaxes your mind.
  • Geranium essential oil’s antibacterial properties provide another obstacle for odour-causing bacteria and add the finishing touch with its sweet floral scent.

All of the ingredients are animal-friendly (cruelty free product) and most important – our natural deodorant is VEGAN.

Like we said, our skin hosts a large colony of different bacteria. Conventional antiperspirants may change your skin’s pH, altering the world of microbes so that new bacteria might occur, and they can create an even worse sweating situation.

Bye Herbs natural deodorant doesn’t contain the following ingredients with potentially harmful effects:

  • Aluminum salts are an active ingredient in antiperspirants. They prevent sweating by blocking out sweat glands, thus inhibiting the formation of sweat. While there have been reports of aluminium salts contributing to breast cancer, no studies up to date have proved it. But we don’t know all the long-term risks, so it is best to play it safe and choose a more gentle approach to sweat control.
  • Alcohol dries the skin and can cause severe allergic reactions.
  • Parabens and other preservatives are added to extend the products’ shelf life, but several studies have linked parabens with serious health issues. Parabens mimic the hormone oestrogen in our body’s cells, interfering with the way your body produces hormones.

Easy application, lasting effect

Bye Herbs deodorant has a creamy texture. Its hardness may differ according to the temperature at which it is kept, but that is entirely normal and a consequence of natural ingredients. If you’ve ever used coconut oil, you know that the stuff is solid in winter and liquid in summer.

So how do you apply Bye Herbs Eco deodorant? Scoop a small amount with your fingers and spread it under your armpits. Voila – you’re ready for the entire day full of activities and without unpleasant odour.Natural deo lasts all day

If you’ve just shaved, wait a day before applying. Although it might not look or feel like it, but shaving damages the skin, and putting anything on it might cause a reaction, so it’s best to leave it alone for a day.

Are you ready to smell good and feel better?

Because we are aware that selecting new products is always a risk, we would like to encourage you to choose natural – with a 30% discount for the purchase Bye Herbs deodorant. We want to see you carefree and healthy. Grab your Bye Herbs Eco deo and seize the day – with arms in the air!

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