Yes we have it – best skin care for oily skin! Chamomile face cream hydrates, calms, rejuvenates, brightens and nourishes your skin without making it oily. These, and many more, are the benefits of one small flowering plant.

When I say chamomile, do you recall the gentle scent of chamomile tea, brewed by our moms and grandmas to help us calm down or beat that nasty cold? As simple as it is, this flower is brimming with health and beauty benefits!


Introducing chamomile 

Originating from the Mediterranean region, chamomile is one of the oldest, most widely used and documented medicinal plants known to mankind. Its white petals can be seen across meadows in almost all parts of the world. Thousands of years of traditional use is supported by modern research which shows promising results of bisabolol and other active ingredients in this lovely plant chamomile. 

Organic chamomile herb

Did you know?

Although mostly praised for its calming effects on both sensitive skin and spirit, it is also a wonderful natural remedy for soothing redness, irritation, inflammation, itchy skin, and a myriad of other skin conditions. It even lightens hair and skin! We can confidently say that chamomile is also the best organic skin care herb for oily skin.

Fun fact! When freshly extracted, chamomile essential oil is bright blue. Its vibrant color then fades to dark yellow, but retains its full potency.

Meanwhile the scientific world is busy discovering how chamomile can help us remain not only pretty, but also healthy. Research shows promising effects against common cold, cardiovascular diseases, diarrhea and even cancer.


It’s all about balance

Oily skin – frequent breakouts and enlarged pores

Oily skin is the result of sebaceous glands working a bit too hard and producing too much sebum. While sebum is necessary for protection and hydration of your skin, too much of it can clog your pores and cause acne. Along that unsightly shine people with oily skin have frequent breakouts and enlarged pores.

Chamomile face cream for oily skin

Oily skin can occur as a result of genetics, hormone imbalance or unhealthy lifestyle. While you can’t fight genetics, there are steps you can take to make sure you’re not encouraging your glands: avoid sugar, fried and processed food, touching your face and stress.

Wash your face once a day

Wash your face daily, but not more than once a day, since over washing can remove too much of the protective oils and stimulate your sebaceous glands to produce even more sebum. The same goes for overusing harsh alcohol-based toners and other anti-oily skin care products, which work too well and send your glands into overdrive.


Always fresh, never oily skin

Skin care of oily skin can be a nightmare. You want to feed it with a rich face cream, but it clogs up your pores. Then you try a light gel or lotion instead, but now parts of your face feel like sandpaper and others are still shining like a Christmas ornament.

Oily skin remedies with organic skin care

Best skin care for oily skin – chamomile face cream

Chamomile is a wonderful companion of oily skin. The flavonoids and essential oils in chamomile are able to penetrate skin surface and absorb into the deeper skin layers, which means your face cream with chamomile is easily absorbed and leaves nothing behind but a fresh skin.

If you always thought mixing oily skin and oils is kind of counterproductive, we have news for you. Jojoba oil is thought to mimic the effects of sebum on our skin, which discourages sebaceous glands from overproduction, thus balancing our skin.

Chamilla’s tender face cream is the perfect combination of jojoba and chamomile, a rich, yet light face cream with gentle flowery scent and smooth texture. It contains chamomile extract on jojoba oil and organic chamomile essential oil. Together with lavender distillate and beeswax they create a harmonious mixture, perfect for any skin type.

More than 30% of chamomile extract

As someone who has been searching the ends of the Earth for an ideal face cream for oily/mixed skin, I can tell you that this is the best I’ve come across. It is quicker to absorb than just oil, but still rich enough to nourish. If you have oily skin or if you just want a natural face cream which feeds your skin with the best from nature, you won’t regret giving chamomile a try. Bye Herbs chamomile face cream will leave your skin taunt and fresh, but never clogged or oily.

Note: Because all essential oils can cause allergic reactions, try it on a small patch of skin first, and if you see no reaction in an hour, go on and use it to your heart’s content.

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