Slovenia’s green treasures

Treat yourself to a piece of Slovenia in form of herbs

Since the olden days, people have been using herbs to soothe many ailments.

Herbs are perfect for anyone looking to improve their health. However, ours are not JUST herbs.

Our authentic herbs are very special, since they have been hand harvested, carefully sorted and prepared for the transport to you. We are proud of the eco certificate which confirms that our herbs are 100% natural and organic.

We are doing our best to cultivate as many herbs as possible. However, the final quantity of our harvest is limited due to a meticulous cultivation and spatial limitations. We could say that the best things are never limitlessly available, right?

All of our products contain authentic Slovenian herbs that help people with recipes made according to “the tradition of our ancestors”.

Are you familiar with all Slovenian magic and treasures?

Do you already know where Slovenia is located?

This small country, which lies on the crossroads of the Alps, Dinarides, Pannonian plain and Mediterranean, offers more than you could have ever imagined.

No surprise that Slovenia was dubbed the “green” country. In addition to all the UNESCO protected natural and cultural sights, however, it would be absurd to disregard or forget about the herbs which are almost invaluable to us. Priceless knowledge about Slovenian herbs has been passed on from generation to generation. Therefore, we can now consistently use natural resources and spread knowledge of the beneficial effects of herbs and medicinal plants.

The fertile soil of Styria bears the best harvest

We can be extremely thankful to live in an area with more than enough fertile soil to produce best-quality harvest.

We put special emphasis to a nature-friendly cultivation of land as well as an appropriate cultivation of plants without the use of artificial fertilizers and pesticides, since we are aware that only this kind of farming can produce plants with which we can achieve the best possible effects.

Slovenia may be a small country, but its herbal treasures make a big impact on many lives.

Interesting facts about Slovenia’s environment

Slovenia is a country which fights for its nature. In November 2005, the National Assembly of the Republic of Slovenia adopted the new National Environment Protection Programme with the main objective to improve the environment and the quality of life. The basic aim of the environmental protection policy is to ensure protection and preservation of all natural systems, habitats, free living animal and plant speaces, etc. The policy also aims to prevent the loss of biodiversity, genetic variety and further soil degeneration.